The Phonic Farm Books



Alan Evans


These colourful early reading books were conceived by Alan Evans.  Whilst teaching in London, he despaired at finding good quality, phonic based teaching literature for his pupils.

His knowledge of teaching phonics, and proof that this method of learning to read produced excellent results, made Alan determined to create a series of books, spanning three levels, which children of different reading abilities and ages could share in the classroom and at home.

Following the introduction of these books, children as young as four are enjoying their first steps in reading and we have already had positive feedback from parents and teachers.





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Level Three books are for the more advanced reader, helping children's reading progress with confidence. Each book has helpful tips on difficult spelling patterns and also a useful guide on how to approach and teach basic grammar, which helps children, especially those struggling with grammar to improve their skills.

An ideal story book, to gently introduce young children to environmental issues, using the loveable character of a whale. Children of all ages adore the vibrant and colourful illustrations.

Level Two books are based on the phonic approach and the 'look and say' method. Together these two methods are ideal for intermediate learners to progress with confidence. These six books with their colourful farm animal illustrations are invaluable for children to progress their reading skills with efficiency and speed.

Level One is designed especially for early learners. Each book uses three letter phonic words, which has been recognised to teach young children to read quickly and easily. This phonic reading scheme uses a large font size to enhance the simplicity of the books, making it easier for young children who are struggling to read. They are also invaluable for special educational needs.