JUNE 2006



The Phonic Farm Series meets NEW Government Strategy For Primary Education

From September 2006 Primary Schools will be required by law to use a system called “synthetic phonics” as the main strategy in teaching children to read.


Parents can help their children gain early confidence in learning to read and a love of books by introducing them to a phonic reading scheme called The Phonic Farm Series, published by INDIGO Children’s Books.


This charming reading scheme uses the Government approved phonic approach to reading, which means that children learn the sounds the letters make and then gradually blend sounds to form words.



Level One books are designed for early learners introducing phonic words to each of the six books.  The large font size used enhances the simplicity of the books making it easier for young children to learn to read.


Level Two books are for the intermediate learners, combining both the ‘phonic approach’ and ‘look and say’ method, to give children confidence and progress their reading skills.


Level Three are for the more advanced reader.  Each book includes an invaluable guide for parents on how to approach basic grammar and useful tips on difficult spelling patterns, helping children to improve their skills with ease and speed.

The same six farm animals are purposely used throughout the Three Levels for consistency, helping the young reader to build up confidence and encouraging children of different reading abilities to discuss the familiar animals.


Parents can introduce reading to children with the assurance that they are working in conjunction with the new National Literacy Strategy.  Research has shown that time parents spend with children is an important factor in their child’s development and what better way to do this than by helping them to read, with the added knowledge they will be following the new Government Strategy for Primary Education.


Pre-school and Early Stage teachers have given The Phonic Farm Reading Scheme their approval.  The books have also been shown to be invaluable for special needs, dyslexic pupils and teaching English as a second language.

These delightfully illustrated and colourful books have six lovable farmyard characters, Meg the hen, Sid the pig, Rex the dog, Kim the kid, Zak the cat and Sam the ram.  Children from the ages of 3-7 will easily relate to these lovable characters and entice the early learner to read.  Teaching the phonic method to children has now been backed up by the recent Government Review and the Rose Report which states that “..synthetic phonics offers the vast majority of young beginners the best route to becoming skilled readers.”

The Phonic Farm Series consists of three levels and each level has the same six animal characters.  Children will eagerly progress through each level, learning to read by the phonic system which has been shown to advance the reading capability of children by up to 2-3 years.


Rex the DogSam the RamZak the Cat & Sid the Pig